Teradata 2015 Partners Conference & Expo | Anaheim, CA | Oct 18-22


Expanded Scope To Include A Wider Audience

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What’s the New Normal in Digital Marketing?

Notes from 2014 PARTNERS — One of the great things about PARTNERS is the wide variety in types of sessions you can attend and the variety of people you can meet and learn from. Roundtables and panel discussions are a great example that combines both. MORE

The Data Driven Dive Deep at 2014 PARTNERS

The power of data is amazing. But while data is growing exponentially, the results from applying that data are not always so quick. This is especially true for non-profit organizations. They often have access to incredible data sets, but no way to put those into action. MORE

Bringing Scale to CRM - 2014 PARTNERS Super Track

Notes from 2014 PARTNERS — One of the leading and most respected companies in the world, Proctor & Gamble (P&G), has long been a leader in the use of data to communicate with customers and drive product innovation. MORE

Data Makes the Difference

"Do good with Data" was more than a statement at Teradata 2014 PARTNER. Teradata Cares turned it into a mission fueled by caffeine and smart teams of people interested both in data and in making a difference with a DataKind DataDive. MORE

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